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don't die wondering
don't die wondering
three cheers to what we didn't say
Would losing me even be a loss? All I wonder (via uncuntcious)

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I want, I want, I want
god I can be so selfish
but all I want is your face
nestled up against my neck
until the sun rises
and your hand in mine
so we never spend
a second apart.
I’m selfish for your love
and I will be
until the day I die
because I want your kisses
to be mine
and no one else’s.
I want your sleepy yawns
and even your shaky
3 am nightmares
because I want to be the one
to make you feel better.
I’m human and I’m selfish
and I’m selfish for you. I want you (via vaind)

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Ahh the sweet smell of being replaced

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I know so many last words. But I’ll never know hers. Miles Halter, Looking For Alaska (via xxshadesofvelvetxx)
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